Welding and Brazing Consultancy

We  are providing total solution to welding engineering from the selection of material to failure analysis of welding. We EIWAA Marine and Industrial Consultancy is the leading Welder Qualification Test(WQT) Consultancy at UAE for the Qualification of Welders and Brazers, Organizing Welding Procedure Qualification and Welder Qualification Test(WQT) across UAE. Welder training with subsequent Welder Qualification Test (WQT) and Welder Certification will organize in our AWS approved Welder Certification training facility or client premises in order to meet the requirements.

Our Welding and Brazing Inspection services include but not limited to

  • Expert Technical Service
  • Welding Procedure/Welder Qualification Test(WQT) and Quality Documentation Reviews
  • Welding Engineering
  • Weld Testing &Inspection
  • Welder Qualification Test (WQT), Assessments & Welder Certifications
  • Welding Quality Assurance
  • Weld Parameter Monitoring
  • Material Selection & Testing
  • Weldability Investigations
  • Weld Repair and Subsequent Welder Qualification Test (WQT) requirements and Welder Certification requirements for welding repair procedure Qualifications.
  • Expediting
  • Welder Training and Welder Certification following Welder Qualification Test (WQT)
  • Brazer Training and Brazing Procedure Qualification

Expert Technical Service

As experts to the welding industry, we can assist and advise you on all your welding requirements, Welding Procedures(WPS),Welder Qualification Test(WQT),Welder Training and Welder Certifications, Welding standards and specifications for both onshore and offshore applications. Material Specifications, Fabrication and Welding Specifications,Welder Certifications as per various international standards, Welder Qualification Test(WQT) requirements can be prepared and reviewed as per Onshore/Offshore applications. Our expert technical service especially Welder Qualification Test(WQT) and Welder Certifications are accepted by various international clients of both onshore/offshore.

Welding Procedures and Quality Documentation Reviews

We can prepare /develop welding procedure specifications (WPS), advice on all relevant codes and standards like ASME SEC IX,AWS D1.1,BS EN and API Standards. The services include consumables, material preparation, monitoring, NDT , post weld heat treatment, third party inspection/witness and all certification records. Along with the Welding Procedure Qualifications, our  technical experts selects the welders for Welder Qualification Test(WQT) with subsequent training and assess the Welder Qualification Test(WQT) & Welding Procedure Qualifications(WPS) for Welder Certification as well as WPS Qualification. Our technical experts can assess the Welder Qualification Test(WQT) as well as Welder Certification globally in client premises or in our AWS Approved training facility at UAE.

 Produce QA/QC documentation and provide working instructions for any welding application including Welder Qualification Test(WQT) ,Welding Procedure Qualification Test(WPS) and Welder certification. Review all Welding procedures, and Technical documents pertaining to welding applications. Existing weld procedures can be reviewed for suitability for particular applications and if necessary our technical experts can able to advise for Welding Procedure Qualification with appropriate Welder Qualification Test(WQT) and Welder Certification according to the relevant standards.

Welding Engineering

Welding engineering services are available to support EPC, Marine and Oil & Gas Industrial businesses complying with project requirements of Welding Procedure Qualifications along with Welder Qualification Test(WQT)requirements and Welder Certification requirements at UAE and international project requirements. At Project bidding stage, technical review of specifications and designs can be completed to identify potential fabrication or welding issues. Kick off meeting and Pre Inspection meeting attendance can be arranged to provide technical representation regarding fabrication or welding issues starting from material requirements, Welding Procedures, Welder Qualification Test(WQT) and Quantum of welder certification requirements.As a part of improving productivity, feasibility studies can be completed to review existing welding and fabrication methods and recommend alternative technical solutions including Welding Procedure requirements of new materials and ranges with subsequent third party Welder Qualification Test(WQT) and welder certifications of various welding process.

Our Technical services include but not limited to,

  • Provide technical guidance regarding weld joint design, weld consumable and weld process selection in fabrication projects.
  • Weld procedures can be developed and qualified for welding along with Welder Qualification Test(WQT) and Welder training/certification for the full range of ferrous and non ferrous materials as per ASME SEC IX,AWS D1.1,BS EN 4515,BS EN 287 and API Standards.
  • Assessment of contract documentation & design reviews.
  • Technical advice on producing sound welds.
  • Co-ordination and control of welding related operations including Welder Qualification Test(WQT) ,Welding Procedures, Welder Certification requirements, material and electrode volume calculations etc.
  • Technical representation at meetings with client.
  • Preparation of welding procedures along with Welder Qualification Test (WQT) and Welder Certifications.
  • Identification and mitigation of stressed weld joints.

Weld Testing & Inspection

  • Visual Welding inspection
  • Welding Inspectors are qualified as per American Welding Society (AWS CWI) and Certification Scheme for Welding and Inspection Personnel (CSWIP) & all are available globally for third party welding inspections, Welding Procedure Qualifications, Welder Qualification Test(WQT) and for Welder training &Welder Certifications.
  • Welding coordination
  • Data Collection and Evaluation of Welding Parameters Assessment of Purity of purging gases - oxygen analyser etc.
  • Welding surveillance for assessing Welder Qualification Test(WQT),Welding Procedure Qualification requirements and subsequent welder certification at UAE for all welding process of TIG,MIG,SMAW,SAW processes.

Welder Qualifications, Assessments & Certifications

EIWAA  can provide all the required services to successfully qualify welders and welding operators to the required specification for all fusion welding processes on a wide range of materials.   The services include consumables, material preparation, monitoring, non destructive examination, third party witness of Welder Qualification Test(WQT),Welding Procedure Qualification Test(WPS) and complete Welder certification records. We also offer Welder certification assessments and competence appraisals prior to testing, to ensure standards are met also advise on Welder certification prolongation requirements & and associated Welder Certification Renewal   updates. EIWAA is the approved AWS institutional member for providing Welder Qualification Test (WQT) and Welder Training  for Welder certification globally and this welder training can conduct either in our welder training facility or in client premises.

Following with the Welder Qualification Test (WQT) at UAE or in any other region across the globe, our automatic due date reminder program will remind the client two weeks prior to the  Welder certification  renewal. Our Due date reminder program always helps the client to maintain the welder certification following with the Welder Qualification Test(WQT) as per the project requirements and always maintain the quality of welding and  project requirements.

Welding Quality Assurance

To  establish and maintain the  welding quality requirements of all projects, EIWAA can offer third party inspection of welding, Weld auditing, Weld Parameter monitoring, Assessment of Vendors/Sub contractors Quality Systems, keeps all the Welder certification validity in date, Assessing Welder Qualification Test(WQT),and Welding Procedure Qualifications evaluations on behalf of client/Project requirements. EIWAA  can provide calibrated portable arc monitors (PAMS) and operators to monitor procedure or production welding parameters on site for assuring the compliance of WPS and PQR Requirements in construction and Oil/Gas Industrial field and this can be performed in Welding Procedure Qualification Test(WPS),Welder Qualification Test(WQT),Weld Audit, Welder Certification at UAE or international requirements.

Weld Parameter Monitoring

  • EIWAA can provide calibrated portable arc monitors (PAMS) and operators to monitor procedure or production welding parameters on site for assuring the compliance of WPS and PQR Requirements in construction and Oil/Gas Industrial field.

Material Selection & Testing

EIWAA technical experts in Welding Procedure and Welder Qualification Test(WQT) can advice on material selection and behavioral effects of composition variation with particular materials of Welder Qualification Test(WQT) for the project needs. EIWAA can also offer Mechanical testing for the following Welding procedure and  Welder  Qualification Test (WQT). This can be uses as  investigative purposes for Material analysis and corrosion testing, Metallurgical investigation etc. Weldability investigations includes investigation  of weldability problems and failure analysis. For the Weld repair Qualification test, our technical experts can advice on suitable weld repair method, Preparation of weld repair procedures and Review/Approval of weld repair procedures following with Weld repair Qualification Test and Welder Qualification Test(WQT).Our expediting team can offer electrode requirements calculations of entire projects, NDT and mechanical testing requirements, project completion status follow up, Welding Procedure Qualification(WPS)requirements, Assessment of Welder Qualification Test(WQT),and welder training &Welder Certification requirements of entire projects in UAE/global requirements.

  • Advice on material selection and behavioural effects of composition variation with particular materials
  • Mechanical testing for welding qualifications and for investigative purposes
  • Material analysis and corrosion testing.
  • Metallurgical investigation.

Weldability Investigations

  • Investigation of weldability problems and failure analysis.

Weld Repair

  • Advice on suitable weld repair methods
  • Preparation/ Review weld repair procedures


  • Mechanical Testing
  • Welder assessment

Welder Training and Welder Qualification

Welder training is provided by experienced welding instructors and can be professionally tailored for specific onshore and offshore applications. Welders can be trained at site or in house/ approved welding training centre and  train in  SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW and  advanced processes. Lectures in the theory of metallurgy, weld design, weld processes, Defectology   and the welding of specific materials can be provided and if required tailored for specific onshore/offshore  applications. Following with welder training and subsequent Welder  Qualification Test(WQT),all the successful welders can achieve Welder Certification as per the standards/code requirements.

Brazer Training,Brazer Qualifications and Brazing Procedure Qualifications

 EIWAA  can provide all the required services to successfully qualify Brazing operators to the required specification and the  services include consumables selection, material preparation, monitoring, non destructive examination, third party witness and complete certification records. Brazer  training is provided by experienced instructors and can be tailored for specific applications of onshore/offshore applications. Following with Brazing procedure Qualification Test,all the successful brazer can achieve approved Brazer certification for the project needs.