Special & Support Services

Technical Bolting and Bolt Torquing: Technical bolting is a safe, fast, accurate, and reliable way to ensure joint integrity. Our team provides controlled loosening and tightening bolts by means of torquing and tensioning from small jobs to large turnarounds. Our trained and experienced technicians apply proven techniques to disassemble, assemble and preload verification of bolted joints. Focus is on critical elements of overall joint integrity, including flange surface quality, joint alignment, gasket selection, bolt preparation and uniform bolt loading using the most appropriate torquing/tensioning methods.

Advantages of EIWAA’s Technical Bolting and Bolt Torquing Services

EIWAA is recognized as a leader in all aspects of technical bolting providing you with a level of service knowledge that is unrivaled within the industry.Ensures joint integrity.

  • Reduces gasket leaks.
  • Ensures leak-free and safe start-ups
  • Utilized in confined spaces
  • Provides uniformed bolt loading.
  • Offers in-house technical training.
  • Controls critical elements associated with bolted joint integrity
  • Inspects joints to ANSI/API specifications
  • Reassembles and properly aligns joints utilizing the appropriate gaskets.
  • Cleans and lubricates bolts and nuts properly.
  • Verifies bolt tightness using ultrasonic measurements

Human Resource Services

We are providing the service of technically qualified and experienced professionals of following categories

  • INSPECTION(Welding,Coating/Painting,Drilling,Non Destructive Examination etc.)
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE(Quality Coordinator,Site Quality Advisor,Lead or Internal Auditors,QA Engineer etc.)
  • SKILLED LABOUR(Specialised welders & Fabricators)