Lifting Equipment and Loose Gear Inspection

EIWAA has a team of experienced and highly qualified inspection engineers who can be mobilised internationally at short notice. We can provide inspection services on-board vessels, project sites and customer premises wherever required. Our inspection and testing services cover an extensive range of lifting equipment and associated accessories.

EIWAA is a trusted entity to inspect and certify lifting equipment and loose gears in accordance with LEEA, LOLER, BS & European Guidelines, API or as required by other International Standards to various clients in a variety of Industrial and Marine sectors.

Our Load Testing and Inspection Services include:

  • Load Testing Inspection and Certification of Derrick Cranes, Davit System, Davit Cranes, Overhead Cranes, Pedestal Cranes and Mobile/Crawler Cranes.
  • Load Testing Inspection and Certification of offshore cranes, barge Cranes, offshore basket, billy pough etc.
  • Loose Gear Inspection and Certifications including shackles, Slings Chain blocks, Tirfor, Hoist etc.
  • Lifting tackles/Lifting accessories inspection
  • Proof Load Testing/Inspection and Certification of Pad eyes, Lashing Hooks, Foundation Hooks, and Lifting Hooks etc. by Portable Pad eye tester (63T Capacity).
  • Load Testing Inspection and Certification of Spreader beam/Lifting beam assembly and Forklifts
  • Load Testing Inspection and Certification of DNV 2.7-1 Containers and Provision of Slings.

Technical Services:

Our Technical Services include but not limited to;

  • 35T Capacity Spooling winch with sufficient back tension
  • On Site Installation and Removal   of Wire ropes such as Tow wires, Crane ropes and anchor lines.

Supplying Requirements:

EIWAA   can supply all types of lifting accessories to suite any lifting or handling requirements; which include:

  • Loose Gears
  • Steel Wire Ropes
  • Safety Net
  • Cargo Net etc.