Testing Services

Torque Test

Technical Bolting and Bolt Torquing: Technical bolting is a safe, fast, accurate, and reliable way to ensure joint integrity. Our team provides controlled loosening and tightening bolts by means of torquing and tensioning from small jobs to large turnarounds. Our trained and experienced technicians apply proven techniques to disassemble, assemble and preload verification of bolted joints. Focus is on critical elements of overall joint integrity, including flange surface quality, joint alignment, gasket selection, bolt preparation and uniform bolt loading using the most appropriate torquing/tensioning methods.

Advantages of EIWAA's Technical Bolting and Bolt Torquing Services

EIWAA is recognized as a leader in all aspects of technical bolting providing you with a level of service knowledge that is unrivaled within the industry and ensures joint integrity.

  • Reduces gasket leaks.
  • Ensures leak-free and safe start-ups
  • Utilized in confined spaces
  • Provides uniformed bolt loading.
  • Offers in-house technical training.
  • Controls critical elements associated with bolted joint integrity
  • Inspects joints to ANSI/API specifications
  • Reassembles and properly aligns joints utilizing the appropriate gaskets.
  • Cleans and lubricates bolts and nuts properly.
  • Verifies bolt tightness using ultrasonic measurements.

Hydro Testing and Pressure Testing Services:

Testing services include

  • Pressure Testing Services of Cargo lines, Pressure lines, Pipes etc. and the pressure testing includes hydro test and Pneumatic test.
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and PAT Test.

Pressure Testing Services as per PUWER Regulations;

EIWAA offers pressure testing/ inspection of pressurized equipment systems of Pressure vessels, Steam boilers, Autoclaves, Air receivers, Steam Calorifiers etc.. As part of these regulations we provide Written Schemes of Examination and Thorough Examinations.

It is not a substitute for regular and routine maintenance and the detailed pressure testing includes;

  • Hydrostatic Test(Pressure Test using Water)of Pipe lines, Control valves, Actuators, Gate valve, Ball valve etc
  • Pneumatic Test (Pressure Test using Air)
  • Air Testing
  • Pipe Line Hydro Testing Services
  • Pressure Testing of Oil Suction Hoses, Water Hoses, Skids, Pressure Vessels, Manifolds etc.
  • Pressure Systems Inspection of Air Fluid Tanks, Air Pressure Pot, Bulk Co2 Storage vessels, Bulk LRG Vessels, Calorifier etc.
  • Pressure Testing of Steam reciever, Air Receiver, Steam Boilers, Compressors, and Tanks etc.

Factory Acceptance Test(FAT) & PAT Testing & Certifications:

The factory acceptance test (FAT) &PAT provides you with information about quality control activities that are done by vendors and manufacturers to meet codes and standards requirements. The FAT is conducted to determine that the equipment operates according to its construction code and purchase order specifications and covers functional requirements.

Our factory acceptance test includes:

  • Comprehensive checking for completeness Proof testing
  • Verification of compliance of contractual requirements
  • Verification of the availability of all quality of documents
  • Checking of process history
  • Validation of data sheet
  • Final inspection