Storage tank Calibration & API Inspection Services

Above Ground Storage tank Calibration Services:

Storage tank Calibration is the science of accurate tank volume measurements by  determining the capacity or partial capacities of storage tank and expressing this capacity as a volume for a linear increment or height of liquid by EODR MethodEIWAA is the largest storage tank calibration and survey company in UAE for providing Storage tank calibration and volume calculations of storage tanks across UAE.  EIWAA is an enclave of prompt, efficient, capable and experienced storage tank calibration engineers to achieve the highest pinnacle of accuracy, we are equipped with accurate/calibrated equipments and of course measure/calibrate the storage tanks individually .All field data’s are processed for analysis by our in house developed software’s  and calibration chart printed error free.EIWAA’s storage tank calibration services helps to maintain ISO Quality certification with the desired accuracy, traceability and standardization required by ISO. 

  • EIWAA is capable to calibrate the storage tanks as well as Chemical/Petroleum storage tanks
  • Storage Tank calibration as per API /ISO Standards and Sound Engineering Practices either by internal or external tanks by EODR method.
  • Petroleum and Chemical storage tank calibration includes Vertical tank calibrations, Horizontal tank calibration, Spherical and Cylindrical tank calibration, Fixed roof and Floating roof tank calibration, Domed roof and Conical roof tank calibration, LNG Tank calibration etc.
  • Our Storage tank Calibration or tank strapping activities includes direct physical measurement of tank geometry and in house calculation of capacity tables from those measurements.
  • These Storage tank calibration services are provided by our experienced API 653 certified field inspectors and Engineers with additional storage tank calibration training.
  • Our storage tank calibration Engineers measures critical dimensions by two different methods and perform field calculations to confirm measurements for improved accuracy.
  • Our engineering calculations based on storage tank calibrations are done in house with internally developed software’s which insures a quick turn around of deliverables of storage tank calibrations.
  • Storage tank calibration calculation includes measuring internal bottom survey evaluation, datum evaluation ,deadwood evaluation etc.
  • All the deliverables are precise one; which include storage tank calibration charts and tables, temperature chart etc. in a good aesthetic format.


API Inspection of Static Equipment:

We are the largest third party API Inspection company in UAE and Our American Petroleum Institute (API) inspection team covers Pressure Vessel Inspection (API 510),Piping Inspection(API 570) and Above Ground Storage tank Inspection(API 653)requirements for UAE and international clients.

In Service Inspection of Above Ground Storage tank (API 653): 

We are the leading inspection company in UAE  to perform the API 653-Above ground storage tank inspection services  and it includes In-Service Storage tank Inspection  and Certification , Out of service storage tank inspection, Foundation settlement, Corrosion evaluations, Coating Inspection, Holiday Inspection, Floating roof seal gap inspections, Frangible roof evaluations, allowable pressure evaluations, Normal and emergency vent selection requirements etc. Above Ground Storage tank inspection having a key role in Port and Free Zones in UAE  in which it has to be inspected and certified by a Third party inspection company having authorized API Inspection Engineers. EIWAA Marine is the leading asset integrity specialist in UAE for providing third party inspection and Certification of Storage tanks, Pressure Vessel/Boilers and Piping Industries. EIWAA Marine is having largest number of API Inspection Engineers in relevant disciplines for performing Pressure Vessel Inspection, Piping Inspection and Storage tank Inspection & certification according the rules/regulations of Port/Free Zone authorities across UAE. During the construction stage of Storage tank we can provide Design Review and Approval, Tank settlement survey, Civil work inspection and approvals,  Welder Qualification Test and Welding Procedure Qualification, Other relevant NDT Test, Third Party Inspection and Certification of Pipe lines etc. 

Comprehensive Storage tank inspection includes; 

  • New Storage tank inspection at Fabrication stage
  • In-Service Inspection of Storage tanks
  • Remaining Life assessment of storage tank as a part of Storage tank Inspection
  • Storage tank Inspection at Periodic Inspection Intervals as per API 653.
  • Thickness monitoring (TML’s)of storage tank shell during/In service.
  • Shell integrity assessment of Storage tanks during the in service inspection of Storage tanks.
  • Foundation settlement
  • Out-of-Service Storage tank Inspection
  • Lining Inspection
  • Fitness for service evaluation of Storage tank
  • Vacuum box testing and Pressure testing of Storage tank as a part of Storage tank

Fitness Inspection:

  • Leak Testing of storage tanks
  • NDT Inspection of storage tanks includes Magnetic Particle examination of welds, Crack testing of welds, DPI Testing of welds, Vacuum box testing and Eddy current testing etc.

Settlement Survey of Above Ground Storage Tanks:

  • Shell Settlement survey
  • Shell Settlement evaluation
  • Tank Verticality survey
  • Tank Roundness survey

Piping Inspection (API 570) and Certification Services:

Our Pipe line integrity management and Piping Inspection includes Pipe line feasibility study, Pipe line inspection procedure and budget developments, reporting and recommendations etc. EIWAA offers comprehensive package of consultancy and project support services with the capability of performing industry focused research and development contracts. Our expertise having skills and experience in materials and material science, electro chemistry , corrosion and life assessment.

In many situations, it is not possible to find out the surface  area of a  given assets, such as a pipeline or a heat exchanger.  Where the mode of damage is pitting corrosion, we   provides a range of services to obtain required information for confident life assessment.

Using extreme value statistical methods, EIWAA’s API Inspection Engineers calculate the expected depth of the deepest pit based on inspection results from only a small fraction of the surface area.  The extent of inspection required depends on the severity and quantity of the pitting damage.  In cases where there is excessive or little to no pitting, inspecting 10% of the total area is often sufficient.  In cases that are indistinct, we use sequential decision theory to implement inspection test plans based on the degree of risk associated with each case.

API Inspection can perform in both phases of Manufacturing Phase and   Operation Phase as per API 570 standards.

Inspection scope covers;

  • Turnaround Inspections
  • On-stream Inspections
  • External Visual Inspection of Above Ground Pipelines
  • Inspection of Buried Pipelines
  • Inspection Data Evaluation, Analysis, and Recording. 

Pressure Vessel Inspection (API 510):

EIWAA’s Third Party Inspection teams  performing turnaround Inspections, On-stream Inspections, Fitness for service evaluation of Pressure Vessels/Boilers, On-site fabrication / installation inspection, Vendor Surveillance and Audit Services, Inspection and Testing During the Manufacturing Phase and Operation Phase etc. This static equipment inspection and certification includes Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers etc. 

Plant Inspection: 

EIWAA is fully equipped to carry out plant inspections in line with national and international standards. Inspections are done according to the following timelines:

  • Periodic external inspections
  • Overhaul or shutdown internal inspections
  • Emergency shutdown inspections Plant Inspection is including but not limited to the following scope.

Plant Inspection includes static and rotating equipment inspections. EIWAA Integrity teams having an enclave of API Inspection Engineers for performing Static and Rotating equipment Inspection in Plants ; So that we are the largest API Inspection company for providing Plant Inspections. 

Rotating Equipment Inspection:

Rotating Equipment Inspection and Certification Service includes,

  • Inspection of Centrifugal Pumps in the manufacturing shops as per API610, BS7784 etc.
  • Inspection of Centrifugal Compressors in the manufacturing shops as per API617, BS2009 etc.
  • Inspection of Centrifugal Pumps in the manufacturing shops as per API610, BS7784 etc.
  • Inspection and Testing During the Operation Phase as per API 570 

Industrial Valves:

  • Inspection of Industrial valves as per API RP576, API 574etc. 

Shutdown/Turnaround Inspection: 

In order to revitalize, maintain, and improve the plants to ensure optimal and efficient performance periodic shutdown are planned in various industrial plants. The efficient and effective management of Schedule for Turnaround is vital. Mismanagement of turnaround activities is undesirable during such periods. 

EIWAA is prepared to guide your plant efficiently and effectively through your next plant turnaround. Our turnaround inspection services include: 

  • Pre-Shutdown/Turnaround Evaluation and Inspections
  • Pre-Shutdown/Turnaround Inspections
  • Shutdown/Turnaround Inspections
    • API 570 Piping Inspections
    • API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspections
    • API 653 Above storage Tank Inspection
    • Rotating Equipment Inspection
  • Failure Analysis
  • Post Shutdown/Turnaround Documentation