Pre- Shipment Inspection

Pre-Shipment Inspection application covers the requisition of both buyers & sellers and regulatory bodies . The  scope of third party inspection including but not limited to Visual Inspection/Assurance of Quality prior to shipment, Packing Inspections, Name Plate and Marking Inspections, Load out Inspections, Marine Warranty Surveys  etc.

The scope of inspection

  • Inspection for visual quality
  • Inspection for packing
  • Inspection for marking
  • Inspection during loading

Third party Inspection of Shipment/ Pre-Shipment Inspection assignment includes :

  • Manufacturers Data Reports
  • Material Certificates
  • Dimensional Inspection Records
  • Welding and NDE Maps
  • WPS and PQR
  • Welders Qualification Records
  • NDE Reports
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment Records
  • Hydro-static Test reports
  • Strip Down Test reports