Third Party Inspection

Industrial Third Party Inspection refers to independent inspection services that are provided by inspection agencies. We EIWAA Marine is the leading Third Party Inspection Company  in the middle east to provide  Third Party Inspection Services  includes Static and Rotating equipment inspections, Inspection Surveillance, Mill Inspections, Welding and Painting Inspections, Offshore Coating Inspections, Up gradation of mill test certificates from EN 10204 3.1 to 3.2,Performance and Certification of Pressure test(Hydro test and Pneumatic Test) .Our Third Party Inspection starts from Design review, Material Inspection, Quality assurance services, In line inspection and Random inspection, Dimensional Inspection ,Stage wise fit up inspection and FAT/PAT test etc. and we are the largest Third Party Inspection Agency in Dubai UAE for providing Inspection and Certification of  Above Ground Storage tank ,Pressure Vessel ,Boilers, Piping, Valves, Pumps  etc. Our Design Engineering Department in line with Third Party Inspection team will provide Design and Detailed Drawing of Piping, Pressure Vessel, Above Ground Storage tank etc. as per the local/International regulations, Design Review and Approval of all above Ground Storage tank coming under local/Port authorities regulations etc. as per the customer request.

Vendor Surveillance Inspections:

Vendor surveillance by Second & Third Party Inspection services(TPI)  are provided to the buyers, sellers, engineering companies, EPC Contractors, inspection agencies, plant owners, traders and any other TPI user companies. Our qualified inspectors performing the task globally and the  Vendor Inspection (Second Party and Third Party inspection) involves activities performed at Supplier’s/ Manufacturer’s facilities of all types of Mechanical, Rotating & Static Commodities pertaining to Oil & Gas, Marine, Petrochemical and Power Industries. EIWAA meets all the second and Third Party inspection requirements of our Clients by integrating expertise, integrity and professionalism. 

Our expertise covers:

  • Mechanical Equipment Inspections :EIWAA offers all types of mechanical commodities inspection as a Second and Third Party Inspection agency in UAE and across the globe which includes Pipe/Plates, Pipe Fittings, Industrial Valves, Pipe lines, Columns and Stacks, Fabricated steel structures, Mill Inspections, Material Stamping, Welding fabrication Inspections, Offshore Piping and Coating Inspections, and Non Metallic Piping Inspection of GRP,GRE,FRP  & HDPE etc. Mechanical equipment inspection.
  • Rotating Equipment Inspections: Third Party Inspections and Certifications of Rotating Equipments include Centrifugal Pump Inspections, Centrifugal Compressor Inspections, Fan and Blower Inspections etc. Third Party Inspection and Certification of all rotating and static equipments will performed in a Contractor/Client premises and it is to be performed in accordance with the local/International regulations.
  • Static Equipment Inspection: EIWAA Integrity Group is the approved Third Party Inspection company at UAE offering excellent asset integrity management of clients by performing true, independent, Third party inspection and Certifications of all types of Static Equipment Inspections including  Pressure Vessel inspection and certification, Boiler Inspection and Certification, Above Ground Storage tank Inspection and Certification, Heat Exchangers, Furnaces and Refractory’s   Inspection, Steam drums and Calorifier tank Inspection etc. as per  API 510,API 570 and API 653 Inspections etc. Apart from this our Asset Integrity Management/Third Party Inspection wing provide plant Integrity, Fitness for Service Evaluation, Remaining life,  Failure Analysis, Specific Third Party Inspection  requirements of ASME Sec. VIII Div.2 ,Third Party Inspection as per API/ASME  and also providing Storage tank Calibration Services across Middle east ,Africa and South East Asia region. Our Third Party Inspection Department having  separate  Above Ground Storage Inspection wing offering Design, Review and Approval of Above Ground Storage tank as per API 650/653 requirements and  in accordance with UAE Port/Free zone regulations & Fuel Storage tank regulation 2009 implemented by Government authorities in UAE. Storage tank Calibrations as per API regulations, Tank Settlement Surveys, NDT/NDE third party  Inspections, Hydro testing inspection and Certification of newly constructed storage tanks etc.
  • Other services such as :

    • Surveillance Inspection
    • Mill Inspections
    • Witnessing and Certification of Pressure Test
    • Up gradation of mill test certificates from EN 10204 3.1 to 3.2
    • FAT Testing
    • PAT Testing
    • Material Inspection and Stamping
    • Design review and Certification
    • Holiday Testing
    • Pickling Inspection and Certification
    • Anodizing Inspection and Cert.


    • Welding Inspections
    • Remaining life assessment of piping, Storage tank and Pressure Vessel/Boilers
    • Preshipment Inspections
    • Mechanical Equipment Inspection
    • Non-Metallic Piping Inspection
    • GRP/GRE,HDPE and PVC Inspection
    • Insulation Testing 
      (Above Ground/Buried Pipe Line Inspection)
    • Protective Coating Inspection
    • Galvanizing Inspection