Painting & Coating Inspection

EIWAA provides total solution to the Industrial & Marine third party inspection in painting, coating and paint applications in UAE, middle east and across the globe. Our Third party Inspection  service ranges from selection of materials to failure analysis of coating. Our Expertise offers  Painting/Coating Inspections and its recommendations, Painting Specification preparation, Painting Procedure Qualification requirements etc.  in line with various international standards and providing expertise recommendations.

Painting &Coating Inspection and Recommendation

EIWAA's experienced Inspectors performing detailed inspection in line with various international standards and providing expertise recommendations.

Specification Writing & Reviewing

Our experienced Inspectors developing project specifications & procedures to meet client requirements.

Project Monitoring Services

Our inspectors on the job site monitoring the entire coating operation.
Our inspectors are highly trained professionals, knowledgeable in all phases of coating inspection.

Protective coating

We are providing third party inspection to various specialized protective coating viz Refractory, Tank Linings, FBE, Liquid Epoxy, Galvanizing, Thermal Spray, Fireproofing, etc.

Third Party Tests & Examinations in Painting /Coating 

We are performing following  Third party tests/ Examinations on behalf of our clients at on sit

  • Paint Thickness(DFT) Measurements
  • Paint Monitoring
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Pit Gauging
  • Adhesion Test
  • Pull off Test
  • Blasting Inspection
  • Chloride Testing of Abrasives
  • Holiday Testing
  • Pickling Inspection
  • Anodizing Inspection
  • Dust Test
  • Cross Hatch Test
  • Knife Test
  • Chloride Testing of Metal Surface
  • Chloride Testing of Water
  • Water Analysis
  • Insulation Testing
    (Above Ground/Buried Pipe Line Inspection)
  • Protective Coating Inspection
  • Galvanizing Inspection